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Regardless of the name for tomorrow’s generation of leaders – Generation Y, Why, Millenials – we do know they are in high demand. These talented, tech savvy young professionals are the future of our workforce and with more and more Baby Boomers reaching retirement age every day, the window of opportunity shifts on both sides. So if you’re an employer, how do you be the first to snag this hot commodity? And if you’re a student, how do you find the perfect way to jumpstart your career? Employers and students alike are turning to internships to meet these needs.

GO-iNTERN is a program designed to not only assist with making that initial connection, but to go a step further for both the student and employer. On these pages employers will find steps for implementing an internship and an avenue to post and advertise available positions. Students can browse the available internships and find direct access to the application process.

During summer 2009, the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation began hosting monthly networking opportunities for all interns within the Greater Owensboro region, and plan to continue these events in order to assist employers and students alike in receiving the most out of their intern experience.

Feel free to browse the site and if you have additional questions or comments, please use the Contact Us form to let us know what’s up or call 270-926-4339.


"My internship with the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation has been the greatest experience I could ask for in an internship program. I have had a lot of opportunities working for this group including: working on databases, the community's Owensboro Works website, designing websites, working on the GO-iNTERN internship program, and sitting in on downtown development and branding meetings. Not many 20 year old college students regularly meet with some of the most prominent people in our community but my internship has allowed me to have this experience. Networking opportunities have been abundant in board meetings, downtown focus group meetings with local leaders and office interaction from very career driven people. Through my internship I discovered what it is I truly want to do with my life and have received great guidance on how to achieve those goals. Working on the GO-iNTERN program has been a rewarding experience and I have truly enjoyed going through the program as well. GO-iNTERN provides interns in Owensboro with the opportunity to meet with each other and network with local business and political leaders. We have had the opportunity to meet with the Mayor and the Judge, go on a downtown tour with Downtown Director Fred Reeves, and do a speed networking event with the Chamber Young Professionals. GO-iNTERN is not just about the serious side of internships, but about having fun and enjoying the area as well. At the end of the summer, we will be taking a trip to Holiday World! My internship and the GO-iNTERN program are both experiences that I feel blessed to have had and have been very influential in my future career plans."

Kelsey Mann
Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation